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What am I doing wrong? 

I need clients

What am I missing?

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Would you like to stop worrying and wishing for clients?

You know that you're supposed to be a coach. You know you're a good coach, and most of the time you believe that. Why then are you not attract the clients that you need to support yourself? If you can't support yourself, you may need to give up coaching and get a job. Other coaches seem to attract clients so easily.

Your Clients are

looking for you

You have something unique and sincere to offer your clients. They are out there struggling, suffering  and in crisis. They wonder if anyone will ever be able to help them with the problem that they don't even fully understand. Day after day they either wrestle with, avoid, or mask this problem in the hopes that it will go away, get resolved or they'll find someone to help.

Why can't they find YOU?

The biggest mistake I see coaches make is sounding like all the other coaches and helpers out there. If you all sound the same, your client doesn't know you are here to help THEM. Your message become white noise static, off-message and too generic.


Harsh honesty? Maybe. But my motive saying all this is to get this problem solved for you. I want you to have a thriving coaching business, because that means that all those people out there struggling and hurting will finally find the help they are looking for. But why would you choose me to help you solve your sales and marketing struggle? 


Hi, I am Laura Hulleman the creator of the Endotype Formula. I have been a coach for over a decade now, and self employed most of my life. I love the coaching industry and the massive change I see coaches making in the lives of their clients. If there is a business mistake to make, I have probably made it.


I want to be your business best friend. I think one quality necessary in friendship is someone who will tell you the truth .. even the truth you may not want to hear. The truth can sometimes be harsh, but always fair, because it's the truth.


If you are struggling to find clients, your sales and marketing is not connecting. If it was was working: 

  • you would already have the clients that you're looking for

  • your programs would be full

  • you would be getting PAID.

Right now you are invisible and mute to the people that are looking for you.

I Believe You ARE a Great Coach

Because I get you even though we haven't met yet!

"I feel like you understand me already, because you know my Endotype," Joanne recently said on the first call we were on. Although it was the first time we were on a video call, she had already taken the Endotype Formula™ quiz. She got her profile results and like most people were amazed by what I already understood about her, her motivations and the way she thinks. 

Why does that matter? Because your coaching business is YOU. Your marketing my be based on YOU.

Your clients are looking for YOU! 

Imagine working with a branding professional and business coach who gets you; who believes in your gifts, understands your limits, and sees who you really are? 

Understanding your Endotype Formula™ makes all of our work easier. It takes the guess work out of what to say and how to say it. Would you like to see what the Endotype Formula™ knows about you?  I invite you to take the quiz. It is 5 questions and will take about 5 minutes. 
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