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Business Best Friend Program

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"Laura tells you like it is, but in a way that you'll receive it. She really does care, and wants you to stand out." - MS

You might be a fantastic coach, but if you don't have any clients, there is obviously something you are missing. This missing piece is likely something you can't see, otherwise you would have fixed it already. I know you have probably tried. So what can you do?

I am Laura Hulleman and I want to be your Business Best Friend (or BBF for short). I have been a coach for over a decade and small business owner for almost 30 years. I love the business of coaching. I have seen in my life the difference coaching has made, and I have seen it with my clients. I am noticed a big problem in the coaching industry. Too many brilliant and amazing coaches are leaving the business. Why? They aren't making money! 

I have studied for the couple years why coaches aren't making money. I looked for challenges in my own business when it started. I asked other coaches, what struggles they had or were currently having. Through this study patterns emerged. Many coaches who struggled to make money were missing the same fundamental pieces. Are you? 

Well friend .. I hope it is ok for us to be friends now... if you are struggling to pay your basic bills (mortgage, insurance, food) from your coaching business, you ARE likely missing one or more of these pieces. While I can't tell you exactly what you are missing .. yet .. I can tell you what is not going to fix it. In my world friends tell each other the truth.  That is what I do with my business best friends too. I need you to promise to .. 


Stop spending money on Crap!  

Too many coaches are spending their way out of the business by investing in bad solutions. In an attempt to fix the problem of getting clients, so they can pay their bills, they are waisting time, effort and money in 3 places. Here are the top three are bad solutions to the problem.  

Bad Solution #1. Purchasing another tool for your business or outsourcing parts. Have you found yourself thinking, "If I just had someone to run my social media ... then I would get more clients." The problem with that is the social media manager will post what you tell them to. If you are struggling to get clients it is likely because your marketing message is unclear. Outsourcing this isn't going to dial in your message. 


Bad Solution #2. Get another certification or skill. We coaches love our certifications and trainings. They are like really neat tools in our toolbox. But, will it help you bring in more clients? When I needed a new window I brought in a building contractor. My contractor loves his tools. He gets super excited about a new saw, or a better hammer, and will defend his brand of tools to any of his buddies. But, when I wanted my leaky window fixed, I didn't care what brand of tools he had. Can you imagine how my window consultation would have gone if he had talked about his hammer for 30 minutes? 


Your potential clients don't care about your certifications. Even though it may make you feel better, albeit temporarily, to get a new certification, that training is going to help you make money. Your clients don't care how you fix their problems. They do want to feel understood. They do want to trust you are the only one that can help them. 

Please don't spend more money on better tools, before you are making a living wage. 


Bad Solution #3. You hire a "business coach" with big promises. Many business coaches are great 2 things; selling you their program and training you on how they do business. They talk about getting you "10K in 90 days" or "6 figures in six months." And, because they are really good at sales the $13,000 to $30,000 price tag sounds like a great investment. But, their programs don't deliver. They don't work because they are trying to get you to BECOME them. They teach what they have done, but they don't consider who YOU ARE and how you operate. When these programs don't work well, these coaches tend to place the blame on y with, "You didn't follow the system."

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The Business Best Friend Solution 

After working with dozens of coaches, I have seen what they really need, and what is a distraction. My BBF program is designed to get you back to the basics so you get paid. The first step in the BBF program is to identify and build a brand for your business. By using the Endotype Formula™ we take the guesswork out of your branding process. The result is a simple-to-understand brand aligned with who you are and what you do. 


Next, we round out your brand by creating a simple, branded website and social media templates. We will even design and print your new business cards (or other print media) to keep your brand consistent. As we create this authentic and consistent brand your sales process will begin to speed up. 

Once your marketing foundation is built, we can begin to work on the 4 pillars of business:

  • Building your Audience

  • Sales

  • Program Delivery

  • Referral Generation


These may seem simple, but mastering these fundamentals will create a business that supports you. You will be working with clients who want exactly what you are designed to offer. 

To be successful, all coaches need to learn the fundamentals of business. At some point, you are going to hire a coach to help you or buy courses that teach these fundamentals. So you are going to invest in someone. Why should you invest in me? 


When I coach you, it is based on the Endotype Formula™, which is a powerful personality profiling system. Using this Formula, I understand who you are, even before we start working together. 


(If you haven't taken the quiz yet, take it HERE right now, so you can see what the Endotype Formula™ is all about)


Because the work we will do together is based on your Endotype™, who you are at your core, everything is customized for you. Comparing me to other business coaches is like buying a suit or gown "off the rack" or having one designed for you. Other coaches' programs are designed to educate many different types of people and fit all of them okay. They may even get you some of the results you want. 


The BBF program is tailored to you, based on your design, and designed to get you results. I am going to be your business best friend, building your business confidence. I will help you create marketing that attracts more of your ideal clients. 

Why Work with Me?

You can make an impact and income!
It is time to invest in yourself and learn to do business YOUR W

Would you like to know more about the Business Best Friend program?

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