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Endotype Branding

You became a coach because you have a calling mission a passion of purpose. Right now your clients out there who are struggling, stressed, hurting, and in crisis. A crisis only you (yes you) can solve.


When these clients meet you they lean in a little closer. They're interested in what you have to say. They ask for a card or a link to your website. They may even book a call with you.

You get excited
And then     nothing

. . . 

If you have people who are interested in your work, attending your free events, even getting on calls with you, but aren't buying your coaching program, something is off.

Many coaches try to solve this problem by getting more certifications and skill training. Showing your potential clients you can do MORE is not the solution.

Remember, the first rule of sales is .. 

   Confused clients don't buy   


Is something in your current brand confusing your clients?

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What is a Brand?

Your brand is the personality of your business. Branding starts at the first point of contact with your potential client, whether that's in person, online or through some written material. It continues until they've completed their work with you. Everything from beginning to end of your client experience is your brand.


A good brand will be consistent, based on who you are and will attract your ideal clientele.

You want your brand to not only attract your ideal clients, but also speed up the sales process. If a potential client looks at your website, social media or print marketing and at any point thinks, "Hmmm, that's weird" the sales process has just been delayed. You want a brand that your clients understands and trusts. If they see you as the solution to their challenges, they WILL say yes to your program.


If you are starting to realize your brand may need some help, know that the solution is not running out to get new headshots or creating a new website. The best way to build a brand is to work with a brand expert. Great branding people will build a brand's personality based on who you ARE already.


Endotype™ Branding uses a predictive formula to take the guesswork out of branding. Because we base your brand on your Endotype™ the branding process can be done quickly and with ease. We understand you have a business to run. So with a limited time investment from you, we curate and deliver your unique Brand Activation Formula™. 

When you apply this Brand Activation Formula™, you will attract and close your clients quickly and easily into your profitable coaching programs. 

A great brand is not:

  • based on what you like: "I like purple!"

  • based on traditional color theory: "I want people to be happy, so I'll use yellow."

  • industry standards: "Chiropractors are professional and professionals use blue."


A great brand is:

  • based on who you are and how you do business.

  • translates your natural vibe, your authentic energy through color style design and photos.

  • makes you stand out as unique and different in your industry.

  • different distinguishes you from your competition and helps you stand out. 


It is time to stop guessing if your brand is right for you. 
It is time to attract your clients and close more sales. 

It is time to find out what your Endotype™ Brand is

Booking brand discovery call, now. 

For some branding is only one of the pieces the puzzle they need

If you: 

  • don't know the crisis your clients are experiencing 

  • are not sure you have a powerful answer to "What do you do?"

  • are unclear on your unique gifts

  • can't get people on an exploration call or free workshop

  • struggle to with sales conversations

  • aren't getting any referrals

You need a business best friend


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